Waitrose- Magazine Ad (Spec Ad)


Waitrose is a supermarket chain that is part of the John Lewis Partnership. It prides itself on high-quality food and excellent customer service. Being a partnership and not being owned by shareholders gives every partner a sense of ownership and encourages them to go the extra mile to please their customers. Waitrose is committing more of its efforts to supporting British farmers and the fight against climate change as part of its sustainability campaign.


Waitrose is struggling to match the prices of other larger and more powerful supermarket chains that have more buying power and are therefore able to charge their customers lower prices. The target audience of Waitrose consists largely of more affluent people from middle-class backgrounds. Waitrose is trying its best to entice people from less affluent backgrounds to shop with them as opposed to their competitors. It also wants to stand out as the supermarket that is leading the charge against climate change and supporting British produce.


I gave the 10% discount the most prominence as this is the most obvious and tangible benefit to the consumer, especially members of their target audience who don’t normally shop at Waitrose as they feel it is too expensive. This discount grabs the attention of the reader and encourages them to read on. I incorporated other benefits that are a result of buying British produce, namely, supporting British farmers and the fight against climate change. These benefits will appeal to the emotion of the reader, encouraging them to buy their fruit and veg at Waitrose because they can help the planet and British farmers in the process. In my first call to action, I make it clear exactly where and how they get their discount. In my second call to action, I make it easy for them to download the app (or order their physical myWaitrose card) if they don’t already have it.