Justice 4 Grenfell - Donation Page (Spec Ad)


Justice 4 Grenfell was set up after the devastating fire in Grenfell Tower, West London, in June 2017. As a result of this fire, 72 lives were tragically lost. Justice 4 Grenfell was established soon after to support the families affected and to help them achieve justice by punishing those responsible.


Six years on and no one has been charged with the deaths of the 72 people. The lengthy legal process, in which the corporations in question are being investigated, will not be concluded anytime soon. Justice 4 Grenfell need to raise funds to ensure their efforts can continue. They need a donation page that clearly and concisely explains what people’s donations will be going towards. It needs to be engaging, appeal to the emotion of the reader and be very direct.


On this donation page, I maintain a personal, bold and compassionate tone. I make the prospective donors feel as if they are part of the fight and that they can help Justice 4 Grenfell win in court. With three concise points, I explain exactly how their donations will help Justice 4 Grenfell achieve its goals. I give the reader the option to make a one-off donation, or, if they are ready to commit to making a monthly donation.