Hayah Al-Muslimah - About Page (Spec Ad)


Hayah Al-Muslimah is an online clothing company that specialises in high-quality, fashionable, modest abayas. It empowers Muslim women to infuse the beauty of modern fashion with traditional Islamic modesty.


A challenge they are facing is with members of their target audience who haven’t yet made their first purchase. It’s not clear to them why Hayah is unique and what sets it apart from its competitors. They haven’t experienced how Hayah Al-Muslimah empowers Muslim women to dress modestly in clothes that complement the styles and fashions of the modern world. Hayah Al-Muslimah hasn’t yet built a relationship of trust between itself and these members of its target audience.


I address the concerns they have by making it clear exactly what Hayah Al-Muslimah offers them – high-quality, modest clothing that enables them to express their beauty through their modesty. I also share part of its story and vision to help build a bond of trust. I make the 10% offer clear, compelling and easy to follow through with. Also, following this action, Hayah Al-Muslimah now has the opportunity to nurture its relationship with its new customers through effective email campaigns.